Kat’s Crispy Fish

kat's crispy fish

As promised, here’s my recipe for Crispy Fish from last Friday’s favorites! For crispy fish, you only need seven ingredients, and most likely you have them right in your kitchen already. This is a no-recipe recipe! It’s more of an “add more as needed” type of recipe. Since this is a basic fried fish recipe, it’s also goof-proof!

After my first horrific incident with making chicken katsu, I shied away from any recipes that require frying of any kind! The thought of hot oil popping and splattering all over face makes me worry, so my boyfriend usually takes over frying duties because he’s manly like that. Anyways, I don’t know what came over me last week but I took over frying duties! In fact, I told him to “shoo” hehe. He came back surprised and proud :)

My first solo frying experience went great! In fact, the whole meal turned out great! The fish was so crispy and crunchy on the outside, and soft and flakey on the inside.

Oh ladies, this is the dish to make for your man!!! My crispy fish is now one of my boyfriend’s top fave meals that I make him! He loved it so much that he had seconds way before I even finished my first! It makes me very happy seeing him get seconds :)

Hope you guys enjoy this quick and easy idea for DIY date night! What are your date night ideas for this week? Ugh…that reminds me, I don’t have a clue as to what I’m going to make for this week! Any suggestions for me?

INGREDIENTS: tilapia, eggs, flour, panko, Lawry's, pepper, and oil for frying

farm raised tilapia from Trader Joe's

STEP 1: Take the fish out of the package and rinse with cold water

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there’s nothing like nuggets and boobies!

Crispy Chicken Skewers

Now that I’ve caught your attention! :)

After being sentenced to the kitchen for committing a half-week long pizza binge, I paid my dues. Can I just say that confessing really helps heal the soul and the waistline!

From my last entry, I featured my list of this week’s yums. And one of those yums just so happens to be Crispy Chicken Skewers. True fact about me: I love anything attached to a stick from corn dogs, to chicken satay, any kind of meat kebab, popsicles, and the list can go on. It makes food a lot more fun to eat, don’t you think? Another plus is that it’s baked and not drowned in frying oil. What a great healthier alternative for my chicken nugget cravings!

This recipe from How Sweet it Is is amazing! It’s incredibly easy (which of course, you know I’ll love) and takes less than half an hour to bake in the oven. At first bite, it was LOVE! I’ve tried a few baked panko crusted chicken recipes before, and they always turned out a bit too dry for my liking. Even when I tried frying it in oil, the chicken still lacked moisture but it had really good crunch! With this recipe there were no complaints! Every piece of chicken on those skewers were moist, flavorful, and had just the right level of crunch! And did I mention that they were soooo succulent and…okay okay, I’ll stop babbling about my obsessive compulsive need to eat moist chicken now!

Can you guess how many she cooked, and how many he ate? Stay tuned because the answers will be revealed at the end.

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