Mondays are manic, Wednesdays I hump, Thursdays I don’t care, Fridays I love, but Tuesdays are all about tacos!

steak tacos & OG salsa

You know you are from Southern California if you refer to Tuesdays as Taco Tuesdays, and you are just as excited and giddy like Fridays!

On the rare occasions when he cooks (because I’m such a kitchen hog), she wants to eat tacos! It’s the food I request the most, aside from cheesy eggs of course! Now I may sound a bit biased, but he cooks the best tacos ever!! Why I think his tacos are better than any old taco from any old local taco joint, you ask? Well, lets see… (1) there’s no skimpage of meat whatsoever; (2) it’s real meat and not that rumored faux meat that some fast food chains unfortunately serve; (3)  it’s quick; and (4) it’s served with homemade OG salsa (also known as Fired Tomato and Chile Salsa — check back soon for the recipe!).

Can you guess how many he cooks, and she eats? Stay tuned for answers at the end!

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